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Apr. 22nd, 2007 | 07:20 pm
posted by: jwood614 in dec2006_babies

I'm new here. I use to be in the January 2007 groups (as my son was due Jan. 29th) but I had him 6 weeks premature, so he was born Decemeber 16th instead. His development is closer to his actual age than his adjusted age. So I decided to join the decemeber groups.

1. Your first name- Jessica
2. Your age- 26
3. Your baby's due date- Was due January 29th, but born December 16th
4. How many (if any) other children you have (optional: how many other pregnancies/miscarriages/abortions/stillbirths)- 0
5. Your location (as specific as you'd like to be)- Jonesboro, AR
6. Boy or girl?- Boy
7. Baby's name- Kaleb Aaron Matthew

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