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naps and spit up

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Aug. 11th, 2008 | 02:37 pm
posted by: justsurvive in dec2006_babies

 My nineteen month old is refusing naps. we've been up since before 8am and its past 230pm now and shes no where near a nap. yesterday it was nearly 5pm before she would lay down. she used to be  like clockwork; shed nurse around noon and be down by 1 till about 330. it was perfect. nothing has changed in routine or her life. do they normally stop naps this young. its driving me nuts.

also, She does this chipmunk thing. anytime she eats, snacks or meals or any sort of food doesnt matter, she eats and eats till her cheeks are full and everything is fully chewed and then she gets a face and spits it all out. normal foods, foods she loves. again, no change in diet or anything.


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