Babies due in December 2006

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This community is for people expecting there babies in December 2006, i myself have just discovered to mine and my husbands delight that we are expecting our first on December 19th and i noticed a lack of communities for people expecting in December:- so here we are :)

you can post anything you like here- thoughts, feelings, queries, concerns, questions, growing bump pictures! anything! i would love this community to be a place where we can all get to know eachother throughout our pregnancys and maybe develop some on going friendships :)

its not compulsary but if you like you can introduce yourself apon joining this community so we can all get to know eachother and maybe make some due date buddies! there is a template of an intro below:-

do you have any other children?:-
what is your due date:-
have you planned any names?:-

hope to see some new faces soon :D

xxx lauryn xxx


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